Sharing my Passions with You

Helping young people in youth groups and rearing our own children, I've learned a lot about faith development. You may be surprised...

Love & marriage

Date Night on a Budget

The fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but what if you want his heart to keep healthy and strong? Heart healthy, budget friendly recipes...

Love Your Neighbors

Safety first - in the kitchen, in the home, and on the road. This also includes being prepared for the unexpected...


Faith Development


Food pantries, toiletries, blankets, school supplies, and more...

​​10 ways to help those in need

Feed your passion for faith, family, fun, and an Abundant life!


Plan date nights on a budget with these 10 tips.

How many meals do your family eat together each week? 


is a gift


Get your free family emergency files for your fridge.

Delicious gluten-free recipes for your family

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